AutoStore System: the problem

This AutoStore robot system ( is a structure where standard plastic boxes are stored in a construct. The robots drive on the grid on the top. Depending on the situation, such system can be multiple layers deep, even >10 layers.

The robots are continually selecting and transporting boxes to the ports, either to store or pick products. Understandably, boxes that are residing at deeper layers need more effort and thus time to be brought to the required port.

The nature of the system is that the Runners will be stored at the top layers, while the Slow Movers will sink deeper over time.

it has been built for optimal stock space usage, but this comes at the cost of response time variation: as seen earlier, products at deeper layers will need more processing time.

AustoStore System: the Measurement

NovaSets setup a Design of Experiment (DoE) with 4 factors with middle point, where every combination of factors was run a single time. Additionally a middle point has been defined as well. The measurement duration were 1.5 hours for each factor combination. Factors were:

  • # of used Input Ports (# of Replenishes)
  • # of used Output Ports (# of Pickers)
  • # of Robots on the Grid
  • Part of the Day (Morning / Afternoon)
AutoStore Contour Plot