Process Optimizations with Lean, Six Sigma, and Automation

At NovaSets, we are dedicated to transforming business processes through the power of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. We aim to create product, material and information flow and combine this with automation solutions. We believe in making operations not only more efficient but also more effective and insightful, ensuring that you achieve the highest quality with minimal waste.


Lean Methodologies

Streamline your operations and reduce waste with our tailored Lean strategies. We focus on optimizing workflows to enhance productivity and increase value to your customers through implementation of Visual Management strategies.

Six Sigma Approach

Elevate the quality of your output and minimize defects by statistical analysis to identify and eliminate errors through variations, bringing precision and consistency to your operations.

Automation Solutions

We build the additional intelligence which gives you the competitive advantage, such as our proprietary Scan System and Forecasting Engines.

Why Choose NovaSets?

Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced consultants brings a wealth of knowledge in industry best practices and the latest technological advancements.
Customized Solutions: We provide customized solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the specific challenges and goals of your business.
Sustainable Improvements: We don’t just optimize; we transform. Our approach ensures that improvements are sustainable, supporting long-term growth and success.

NovaSets Proprietary Scan System to Understand Process Performance

 Discover how the Process Dynamics have been uncovered by scanning the process steps and using Process Mining

Design of Experiment on the AutoStore Robot System to Improve Performance

Discover how NovaSets helped to improve the flow of goods into and out of of the AutoStore system

Calculating Avocado Firmness by Air Sampling and Patent Pending Algorithm

Discover how NovaSets helped to calculate the ripeness of Avocado batches during the ripening process

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